General Tips

  • Never point at something with your feet.
  • Always use your right hand when you take something, give something, eat, or touch.
  • When you are a guest, wait until you are invited to sit down. 
  • if you see shoes at the entrance of a house, a shop, or any other place, remove yours!
  • Never get angry, try to solve problems with a smile.
  • Muslim is the predominant religion on the Gili Islands. Please be respectful of their way of dressing and don't walk around topless or dressed inappropriately.

Money Matters

There are now many ATM machine’s spotted along the harbor area of Gili T and larger resorts such as at Hotel Villa Ombok. All of the dive centers and bigger hotels accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards with an additional 3% bank charge, advances 10% are available in many places. Money changers will cash traveler’s checks and currency but at a much lower reduced rate than on the mainland.



The Gili Islands have their own electric generating stations and should provide power 24 hours a day. However, in peak periods electricity my be spotty. Many businnesses such as the larger hotels and restaurants have their own generators to have alleviate this problem.



There are a number of internet cafes on Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air although all operate at different speeds. For telephone calls the best place to use is the shops called Wartel, located next to the art market on Trawangan, or at the Ozzy shop on Gili Air, and behind Villa Karang on Gili Air.

Generally there is very little crime on the Gili islands, however no where is 100% free of petty crime. As with any where in the world you travel its best to leave your valuables in your room, and ideally in your hotel safe. If you do have any problems on the island report them to the Head of the Island (KepalaDesa) at the Satgas office, located opposite the Harbour. There is a new 24 hours clinic at Hotel Vila Ombak on GiliTrawangan that has a doctor and nurse on call that can deal with minor injuries and problems, and can also dispense certain prescription drugs. 



Most businesses rely on well water for showers and bath rooms, some places are now importing fresh water from the mainland Lombok.  Some hotels have the option of fresh water “mandi” after a well water shower. All fresh water is brought to the islands by small fishing boats from Lombok - in the unlikely event the water cannot be delivered guests will need to use the well water. The delays can be due to the tides being too low and the delivery boat not being able to get over the reef or the seas being too rough.

So please use the islands water resources sparingly!