Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions

In purchasing or booking a ticket all passengers agree to the following terms and conditions:


The passengers shall comply with the instruction of the crew and/or the official concerning everything related to the service and to comply with any notice posted on board. The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any passengers or goods without assigning reason.

This contract is subject to the Laws of Indonesia and may only be varied by agreement in writing between the company and the passenger. Verbal promises by booking agents will not be recognized by the company.

Connecting Flights and or/other trips

The company does not take any responsibility for delays or connecting flights.

Cancellation and Delays

The company reserves the right to vary the service in any way whatsoever without any liability to the passenger. The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury which may arise due to cancellation or delays. Additional expenses so arising such as accommodation or any travel alternative shall be sole liability and responsibility of the passenger.

The company reserves the right to cancel a booking or to change the schedule at any time prior due to poor weather conditions or any reasonable safety reason.

Travel Re-Scheduling and Cancellation Fee

Rescheduling is based on availability and should be made within 2 X 24 hours.

Any cancellation should be made in writing within 7 days prior to departure. This cancellation policy is not valid for group booking, which will be determined as per management policy and decision. Any cancellation after the above time frame will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is entitled to a maximum total weight of 25 kg, the excess luggage will be carried at a standard rate or will be stored at the company’s Bali Office when the space is available. The company reserves the right to check the contents of any baggage and also refuse any baggage items.

Notice of Liability Limitations

  • Since the fare is not inclusive baggage insurance we have no liability for any loss, damage to baggage unless otherwise is stated.
  • The company takes no responsibility for damage to items or documents to be contained in the checked or unchecked baggage including but not limited to fragile or valuable items such as money, jewelry, electronic devices, business documents, passport or other identification document.
  • Our fare includes passenger’s insurance provided by PT Jasa Raharja a Indonesian Public Insurance for transportation service, with limited for any injury, or death caused by the boat accident. www.jasaraharja.co.id
  • All claims should meet requirements of PT Jasa Raharja’s terms and conditions.
  • The insurance is limited by the terms of PT Jasa Raharja. The company is not liable for any excess payment outside of PT Jasa Raharja’s insurance coverage.