Pacha Express is now FreeBird Express

We proudly present our new brand

Why Ride With Us?

  • Latest Equipment for
    Your Safety

  • 45 - 60 minute ride from Amed to Gili
    90 minutes ride from Padangbai to Gili

  • Comfortable Ride with
    Luxurious Captains Chairs

  • Enjoy Music On Board

FreeBird Express began operation in the spring of 2015 by two long time friends who always had a passion for the maritime industry. Their #1 goal from the beginning has been to bring safety, comfort and a friendly experience to the guests, something that had been lacking prior to our arrival in the marketplace. FreeBird Express 1 was our first boat and had a capacity of 44 persons. Today things have changed a little. FreeBird 1 is no longer with us but it certainly played a critical role in the success we share today. FreeBird Express 2 was launched in June 2017, and at that time it was by far the most exceptional boat in the Amed area. With a capacity of 70 passengers and powered by five 250 HP Yamaha engines, there was not a faster or more comfortable means to travel to the Gili Islands and Lombok. One year later in June, 2018 we introduced Freebird Express 9 which can accomodate up to 80 passengers, which includes 8 seats on the upper deck alongside the boat captain and is also powered by five 250 HP Yamaha Engines. It is equipped with (2) stand alone air-conditioners on the lower deck along with a toilet on the back side of the boat.  Now fast forward to March 2022 and we are proud to introduce our latest addition which is Freebird Express 99 Escape. The capacity is 146 passengers with 32 seats on the upper deck with the captain and is powered with seven 250 HP Yamaha engines. The sheer design of this amazing boat which is 24 meters in length and more than 6 meters wide makes for a very smooth ride across the seas.  There are (4) stand alone air-conditioners on the lower deck to keep the cabin nice and comfortable for your journey along with a toilet on the backside of the boat for your convenience.  

All fast boats in Bali claim to be the “fastest, safest, etc.”; FreeBird Express will deliver this promise to all customers. We also include free transport service from/to any hotel in the Amed area. If your hotel is located outside the Amed area, we can provide land transportation from/to any area of Bali for a reasonable price.